Feb 07, 2024

Things I Wish I Knew Before D1 Schools Started Calling Me

Are you a talented athlete dreaming of playing at the collegiate level? Have you started receiving calls from Division 1 (D1) coaches? Congratulations! This is an exciting time but can also be overwhelming and uncertain. As you navigate this crucial phase in your athletic journey, here are three key insights to help you make the most out of those calls and secure your spot on the team of your dreams.

  • Understand Their Perspective: If a college coach calls you, they already know your skill level. They've seen your game and assessed your abilities, and now they want to determine if you would be a good fit for their program. It's not just about your talent on the field; it's also about your character, work ethic, and how well you would integrate into their team dynamic. So, when you receive that call, remember to showcase your athletic prowess, personality, and commitment to being a team player.


  • Highlight Your Team Spirit: Coaches are not just scouting for individual talent but building a cohesive team. They want to know you can collaborate effectively with your teammates, communicate openly, and contribute positively to the team culture. So, during those conversations, emphasize your ability to work well within a team, your leadership skills, and your willingness to put the team's success above personal glory. Remember, being a team player can make all the difference in catching a coach's eye.


  • Focus on Your Athletic Commitment: While academics are undoubtedly important, if you're talking to a high-academic school, don't let that overshadow your dedication to your sport. Coaches want to see that you prioritize your athletic development and are willing to work both on and off the field. So, instead of solely discussing your academic achievements, talk about how you balance your rigorous academic schedule with your intense training regimen. Show them that you're committed to excelling in your sport and that you'll seize every opportunity to play at the collegiate level.


In conclusion, receiving calls from D1 coaches is a significant milestone in your journey as a college-bound athlete. By understanding their perspective, highlighting your team spirit, and focusing on your athletic commitment, you can make the most out of these conversations and increase your chances of landing a spot on the team of your dreams. Remember, coaches are looking for more than just talent – they're looking for players who embody the values and ethos of their program. So, stay true to yourself, showcase your unique strengths, and approach these calls confidently and enthusiastically. Your future as a collegiate athlete awaits!