About Us

Side Coach Sports was founded in 2022 by Zach Carrell, Luke Carrell, and Colton Sundloft, driven by our shared passion for sports and a commitment to positively impacting young athletes' lives. Our journey began when we realized the immense value of having former college athletes as mentors during our development. This realization inspired us to create Side Coach Sports to extend this invaluable mentorship opportunity to the next generation of young athletes.

Upon entering college, we embarked on a mission to give back to our community by providing private coaching and mentorship to young athletes. However, we faced the initial challenge of finding young athletes seeking guidance and needed help managing our lesson schedules efficiently. It was during this process that we decided to establish Side Coach Sports. Our vision was not only to bridge the gap between college athletes eager to provide lessons and youth athletes seeking valuable guidance but also to create a streamlined system for scheduling. We wanted to make it easier for college athletes to plan and deliver impactful lessons while minimizing the time and effort required to book a lesson. At Side Coach Sports, we aim to connect these two worlds, fostering mentorship and skill development and inspiring the next generation of young athletes to reach their full potential.