Feb 26, 2024

Part 1: The Freshman Struggles and Junior Varsity Triumphs

My freshman year on the baseball team was a trial by fire. Despite having a strong arm and the ability to throw hard, control eluded me, and I often found myself uncertain of where the ball would land. Frustration mounted as I struggled to find my footing on the team, questioning whether I truly had what it took to excel in the sport I loved.

Determined not to be defined by my struggles, I dedicated myself to improvement. It wasn't until my junior year that I made the varsity team, an achievement that spoke to the progress I had made. But this was just the beginning.

During the summer, I earned a spot on the Dallas Patriots. This experience exposed me to a higher level of competition, challenging me to elevate my game. The intensity of the summer circuit refined my skills and opened doors to opportunities I had only dreamed of – Division 1 offers began rolling in, signaling a promising future in baseball.