Feb 13, 2024

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting High School Baseball

In my junior year of high school, I found myself ranked as the 6th player in the rotation, overshadowed by two highly-touted draft picks. Faced with this challenge, I realized the importance of making the most out of every opportunity. Despite a setback early on when I gave up a walk-off home run, I refused to be discouraged. Instead, I consciously focused on continuous improvement, both on and off the field.

I committed to going above and beyond, arriving early for practice and staying late, taking on additional responsibilities like bucket duty during batting practice, and helping prepare the field before games. I understood that success often hinges on attention to detail and doing the small things right.

The pivotal moment in my journey came during an unexpected turn of events - a practice session disrupted by a flooded field. Taking initiative, I took charge of clearing the water, covered in mud but determined to salvage the day. Though the game was ultimately canceled, I persevered and delivered one of my best bullpen performances, showcasing precision and control. This dedication didn't go unnoticed, and soon, I found myself earning more opportunities on the field, ultimately culminating in a starting position for the championship game.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson: while we may not always control the outcomes or opportunities presented, we have complete control over our mindset, work ethic, and commitment to growth. As someone who has navigated the challenges of playing and coaching baseball, I understand firsthand the importance of these "little things" and their profound impact on individual and team success. It's these small but significant actions that ultimately separate the average from the exceptional on the field.